Sunday, July 3, 2016

BBR #187: Featuring Early - ish Brazilian Rock, etc.

Pardon our dust! We're updating...

Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 07/03/2016 03:00PM to 05:00PM

02:50PM-02:52PM (2:09) Celly Campello "Estupido Cupido (Stupid Cupid)" from "Anos 60" (CD, Private) on emi (USA)
02:52PM-02:55PM (3:00) Renato e Seus Blue Caps "Menina Linda" from "O Melhor da Jovem Guarda" (CD, Private) on Columbia (USA)
02:55PM-02:58PM (3:00) Magazine "Meu Bem Lollipop (My Boy Lollipop)" from "Magazine" (CD, Private) on Warner Bros. (USA)
02:58PM-03:01PM (3:00) Erasmo Carlos "Festa de Arromba" from "Raridades" (CD, Private) on Universal (Brazil)
03:01PM-03:04PM (3:00) Doces Barbaros "Chuck Berry Fields Forever" from "Doces Barbaros" (CD, Private, 1976) on Universal Import
03:04PM-03:07PM (3:00) Cleide Alves "Mamae Acha Que E Normal" from "40 anos de Musica" (CD, Private) on RGE (Brazil)
03:07PM-03:10PM (2:37) Raulzito E Os Panteras "De-Me Tua Mao" from "Raulzito e Os Panteras" (CD) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:10PM-03:13PM (3:00) João Penca e seus Miquinhos Amestrados "Psicodelismo em Ipanema" from "A Festa dos Micos" (CD, Private) on Banana Records (Brazil)
03:13PM-03:16PM (3:00) Os Mutantes "Banho De Luna" from "Mutantes" (CD, Private, 1969) on Polydor (Japan)
03:16PM-03:19PM (3:00) Caetano Veloso "Nostalgia" from "Transa" (CD, Private, 1972) on Mercury (Brasil)
03:19PM-03:22PM (3:00) Raul Seixas "Let Me Sing, Let me Sing" from "Série Grandes Nomes" (CD) on Mercury (Brasil)
03:22PM-03:25PM (2:44) Elis Regina "Garoto Ultimo Tipo" from "Dose Dupla" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil
03:25PM-03:28PM (3:36) Ultraje a Rigor "A festa" from "2 é Demais" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil
03:28PM-03:31PM (3:00) Wanderléa "ternura" from "Novo Millenium" (CD, Private) on Discobertas
03:31PM-03:37PM (5:11) Roupa Nova "Whisky a Go-go" from "Ao vivo" (CD, Private) on rca records label (USA)
03:37PM-03:40PM (3:00) Rita Lee "And I Love Her" from "Build Up" (CD, Private, 1970) on Universal (Brazil)
03:40PM-03:43PM (3:00) Jerry Adriani & Renato e Seus Blue Caps "Querida" from "O Melhor da Jovem Guarda" (CD, Private) on Columbia (USA)
03:43PM-03:46PM (3:00) Roberto Carlos "O Calhambeque" from "É Proibido Fumar" (CD, Private) on Columbia (USA)
03:46PM-03:49PM (3:00) Cassia Eller "A Rainha da Noite/ I can't get no satisfaction" from "Millennium" (CD, Private) on Polygram (Brazil)
03:49PM-03:51PM (2:34) Blitz "Biquini de Bolinha Amarelinha Tao Pequenininho" from "Nova Bis: Blitz" (CD, Private) on emi (USA)
03:51PM-03:54PM (3:00) A Fabulosa Orquestra "Walk don't run" from "A Fabulosa Orquestra de Rock'n'roll" (CD, Private) on Deckdisc
03:54PM-03:57PM (2:49) Golden Boys "Erva Venenosa (Poison Ivy)" from "Golden Boys" (CD, Private) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:57PM-04:00PM (3:07) Reginaldo Rossi "Tente Esquecer o Que Passou" from "Brasil Popular: Reginaldo Rossi" (CD, Private) on Sony BMG Music Entertainment
04:00PM-04:03PM (2:53) Os Incriveis "I got you (I feel good)" from "Maxximum: Os Incríveis" (CD, Private, 2005) on Sony BMG Music Entertainment
04:03PM-04:06PM (3:29) Kid Abelha "Nao Vou Ficar" from "Kid Abelha - iCollection" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil
04:06PM-04:09PM (3:00) O Terço "Luz de Vela" from "Casa Encantada" (CD, Private) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
04:09PM-04:14PM (4:57) Angela RoRô "Blue Janis" from "Eu Desatino!" (CD, Private) on Polydor (Japan)
04:14PM-04:16PM (1:24) Ed Motta "Bye-Bye Bird" from "E-Collection: Ed Motta" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil
04:16PM-04:20PM (3:48) Marisa Monte "I heard it through the grapevine" from "Marisa Monte" (CD, Private, 1998) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
04:20PM-04:23PM (3:00) Milton Nascimento "Only You" from "Crooner" (CD, Private) on WEA (Japan)
04:23PM-04:26PM (3:00) Sandra de Sá "Send Me To The Electric Chair" from "Sandra!" (CD, Private) on BMG (Brazil)
04:26PM-04:29PM (3:00) Tim Maia "Do Your Thing, Behave Yourself" from "Tim Maia" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda.
04:29PM-04:32PM (3:00) Sivuca "ain't no sunshine" from "Sivuca" (CD, Private) on Vanguard (USA)
04:32PM-04:35PM (3:00) Henri Salvador "Room With a View" from "Room With A View" (CD, Private) on Blue Note Records (USA)
04:35PM-04:38PM (3:00) Dolores Duran "Cry Me a River" from "Between Friends" (CD, Private) on Biscoito Fino (Brazil)
02:13PM-02:16PM (2:39) The Rutles "Cheese and Onions" from "The Rutles" (CD, Album, Private, 1978) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (USA)


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