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BBR # 188 Aired July 10, 2016

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Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 07/10/2016 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:07PM-03:12PM (4:51) Cama de Gato "Na Banguela" from "Amendoim Torrado" (CD, Private) on Albatrozmusic
03:12PM-03:15PM (2:59) Sivuca "Queixo de Cobra" from "Selecao De Ouro" (CD, Comp, Private, 1998) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:15PM-03:19PM (3:11) Paulo Moura 8T "Filgueiras" from "Fibra" (CD, Private) on (Brazil)
03:19PM-03:22PM (3:00) Airto "Mixing" from "Airto The Essential" (CD, Private) on Buddah (USA)
03:22PM-03:26PM (4:36) Leandro Braga "Not a Chance (O Morro Não Tem Vez)" from "E Por Que Não? (And Why Not?)" (CD, Private, 2006) on Arabesque Recordings
03:26PM-03:28PM (2:08) Olmir Stocker (Alemao) "Galeria" from "Só Sabor" (CD, Private, 2001) on Visom Digital (Brazil)
03:28PM-03:31PM (3:00) Baden Powell "Abertura" from "Os Afro Sambas" (CD, Private) on Kardum (France)
03:31PM-03:35PM (4:11) Valter Silva & Yamandu Costa "Dengoso" from "Yamandú Valter" (CD, Private) on MP,B / Som Livre
03:35PM-03:40PM (4:55) Paulinho Nogueira "Tons e Semitons" from "Late Night Guitar: The Brazilian Sound of Paulinho Nogueira" (CD, Private) on Blaricum CD Company (B.C.D.) B.V.
03:40PM-03:43PM (3:00) Sansa Trio "A Resposta" from "Vol 2" (CD, Private) on BBR-CD 100 (Brazil)
03:43PM-03:46PM (3:00) Dirceu Leitte "Harmonia Selvagem" from "Leitte de Coco" (CD, Private) on Caju (Brazil)
03:46PM-03:50PM (3:21) Paulo Sergio Santos "Jacaré de Saiote" from "Segura Ele" (CD, Private) on Kuarup Music
03:50PM-03:52PM (1:57) Som Tres "Frevo Rasgado" from "Sóm Três Show" (Private) on emi (USA)
03:52PM-03:54PM (2:48) Elis Regina & Jair Rodrigues "Arrastao" from "Obras-Primas: Elis Regina" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)
03:54PM-03:58PM (3:53) Emílio Santiago "Doa a Quem Doer" from "Emilio Santiago" (CD, Private) on (Brazil)
03:58PM-04:01PM (3:00) Copa 7 "Mulher Absoluta" from "O Som do Copa 7" (CD, Private) on (Brazil)
04:01PM-04:04PM (3:00) Ivan Lins "Novo Tempo" from "Juntos" (CD, Private) on Philips (Brazil)
04:04PM-04:07PM (3:00) Beto Guedes & Joyce "Rio Doce" from "Bis" (CD, Private) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
04:07PM-04:10PM (3:00) Toninho Horta "Bons Amigos" from "Durango Kid 2" (CD, Private) on Big World
04:10PM-04:16PM (5:14) Wanderléa "Carne, Osso e Coração" from "Anos 70" (CD, Private) on Discobertas
04:16PM-04:19PM (3:00) Antonio Carlos Jobim "Matita Pere" from "Jobim" (CD, Private) on Verve (USA)
04:19PM-04:21PM (2:22) Maria Bethânia "X do Problema" from "Maria Bethania" (CD, Private) on rca records label (USA)
04:21PM-04:24PM (2:54) Radames Gnattali Sexteto "Cochichando" from "Radames Gnattali E Sexteto" (CD, Private) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
04:24PM-04:27PM (2:54) O Terço "Estrada Vazia" from "Terço" (CD, Private, 2005) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
04:27PM-04:30PM (3:00) Pato Fu "Sorria, Voce esta Sendo Filmado" from "Ruido Rosa" (CD, Private) on BMG (Brazil)
04:30PM-04:32PM (2:20) Titas "To Cansado" from "Cabeça Dinossauro" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil
04:32PM-04:36PM (3:57) Mamonas Assassinas "Mundo Animal" from "Mamonas Assassinas" (CD, Private, 1995) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
04:36PM-04:39PM (3:00) Hermeto Pascoal "O Correio" from "So Nao Toca Quem Nao Quer" (CD, Private) on Som da Gente (Brazil)
04:39PM-04:42PM (3:00) Quarteto Em Cy "Pedro pedreiro" from "Chico em Cy" (CD, Private) on CID Digital
04:42PM-04:45PM (3:00) Milton Nascimento "O Homem da Sucursal" from "Milton" (CD, Private) on emi (USA)


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