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BBR# 186: Happy Birthday, Gilberto Gil! Aired 06/26/2016

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Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 06/26/2016 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:06PM-03:09PM (3:00) Don Beto "Num Paraiso" from "Nossa Imaginacao" (CD, Private) on Som Livre (Brazil)
03:09PM-03:13PM (3:15) D'Angelo "Br. 3" from "D'Angelo" (CD, Private) on (Brazil)
03:13PM-03:16PM (3:09) Azymuth "Nothing Will Be As It Was (Nada Sera Como Antes)" from "Telecommunication" (CD, Private) on Concord Records, Inc. (USA)
03:16PM-03:19PM (3:32) Sivuca "Adeus Maria Fulo" from "Sivuca" (CD, Comp, Private, 1974) on Copacabana (Brazil)
03:19PM-03:22PM (3:00) Maria Creuza "Voce abusou" from "Voce Abusou" (CD, Private) on Intec Records
03:22PM-03:25PM (3:00) Jesse "Porto Solidao" from "Festivais Vol. 2" (CD, Private) on GloboDisk (Brazil)
03:25PM-03:28PM (3:00) Ednardo Amelinha e Belchior "Mucuripe" from "Pessoal do Ceara" (CD, Private) on Warner (UK)
03:28PM-03:31PM (3:00) Thaide & DJ Hum "Porcos no Poder" from "Thaide & DJ Hum" (CD, Private) on Eldorado (Brazil)
03:31PM-03:34PM (3:00) Ná Ozetti "Sutil" from "Na Ozetti" (CD, Private) on Warner Bros (Brazil)
03:34PM-03:37PM (3:00) Instituto Sabotagem "Dama Teresa" from "Brazilian Hip Hop Music Rough Guide" (CD, Private) on Rough Guides
03:37PM-03:42PM (4:39) SKANK "Sem Terra" from "O Samba Poconé" (CD, Private, 1996) on Sony (country1975)
03:42PM-03:46PM (4:28) Elza Soares "Haiti" from "Do Cóccix Até o Pescoço" (CD, Private) on Tratore (Brazil)
03:46PM-03:50PM (3:44) Trio Mocoto "Adelita" from "Samba Rock" (CD, Private) on Ziriguiboom
03:50PM-03:54PM (3:29) Ceumar "Banzo" from "Dindinha" (CD, Private) on Mendes-Coelho Productions
03:54PM-03:57PM (3:00) Gal Costa "Eu vim da Bahia" from "Eu Vim da Bahia" (CD, Private) on BMG (Brazil)
03:57PM-04:00PM (3:00) Gilberto Gil "Procissao" from "Bresil 88" (CD, Private) on Melodie (France)
04:00PM-04:03PM (3:10) Os Mutantes "Bat Macumba" from "Os Mutantes" (CD, Album, Rock, 1968) on Universal Music International Ltda.
04:03PM-04:06PM (3:00) Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben "Morre o Burro, Fica o Homem" from "Gil & Jorge" (CD, Private) on Verve (USA)
04:06PM-04:09PM (3:00) Marinês e Sua Gente "Viramundo" from "As mais tocantes de" (CD, Private)
04:09PM-04:12PM (3:00) Toots Thielemans "Flora" from "The Brasil Project" (CD, Private) on Private Music
04:12PM-04:15PM (3:00) Chico Buarque & Milton Nascimento "Calice" from "Serie Grandes Nomes" (CD, Private) on Polygram (Brazil)
04:15PM-04:18PM (3:05) Heraldo do Monte "Lamento sertanejo" from "Viola Nordestina" (CD, Private) on Kuarup Music
04:18PM-04:22PM (4:10) Marco Pereira "Beatriz" from "Valsas Brasileiras" (CD, Private) on Borandá
04:25PM-04:28PM (3:00) Sebastiao Tapajos "Wave" from "Sambas & Bossas on Guitar" on Tropical Music (Germany)
04:28PM-04:31PM (3:00) Irio de Paula "Lamento do berimbau" from "Branco e Preto" (CD, Private) on Philogy (Italy)
04:31PM-04:37PM (6:23) Paulo Moura & Os Batutas "Urubu Malandro" from "Pixinguinha" (CD, Private) on LIGHTYEAR
04:37PM-04:41PM (3:05) Gilson Peranzzetta "Pressao Alta" from "Rua Marari" (CD, Private) on Marari Discos (Brazil)

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