Sunday, June 29, 2014

BBR #97, Featuring O Banquete dos Mendigos Airs This Sunday!

December 10, 1973: To celebrate the 25th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Brazilian composer, singer, and actor Jards Macale organized a concert at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, inviting many major Brazilian artists to perform, including Chico Buarque, Gal Costa, Raul Seixas, Milton Nascimento, and Edu Lobo, among others. In between songs, Macale read the articles out loud to the 4000 people in the audience. The program was harmless enough, except that it was happening during the height of the Brazilian military government, when the regime censored all media, tortured and banished dissidents. 

The event was recorded and a double album was produced and immediatey suppressed, not coming to light until 1979. Democratic presidential elections would not take place for another decade. Tune in to hear the entire album today!

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