Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two Hours of Great Instrumentals! Bem Brasil #80, Featuring Olmir Stocker Airs Sunday!

After last week's rocking show, we'll let the singers take a rest and give the floor to some great instrumentalists! In the first hour, we'll give the floor to veteran guitarist Olmir Stocker and play his entire third album So' Sabor (Nothing But Flavor). We'll round out the hour with choice selections from his first two albums!

In the second hour, we will hear from many other great musicians, including Jose Roberto Bertrami, Antonio Adolfo, Claudia Sverner, and many more, Whether you tune in live at 6:00 in Studio 1A or download the show (heck, why not do both), this is a show you will not want to miss!

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Bem Brasil with Will Crawford is a Native Alternative Production. 
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