Sunday, February 23, 2014

4 Albums in 2 Hours! Bem Brasil #79 Rocks Hard!

It's Carnival time in Brazil, but we don't care! Here at BBR, we do Samba all year long...but not today!

 On today's show, we will be hearing four hard-hitting, hard rockin' and highly influential albums starting with Brasilia band Plebe Rude's 1985 debut album O Concreto Ja' Rachou. This album is ranked at #57 in Brazilian Rolling Stone's list of 100 greatest albums of all time!

Track List
1- Ate Quando Esperar
2- Protecao
3- Johnny (Vai a Guerra Outra Vez)
4 - Minha Renda
5 -  Sexo e Karate
6 -  Seu Jogo
7 -  Brasilia

For the rest of the show, we'll move from Brasilia to São Paulo, where all o  ther featured bands hail from, Starting with punk band Inocentes' debut album released in 1986.

Track List:
2-Ele Disse Nao
3-Nao Acordem a Cidade
4-Salvem El Salvador
5-Expresso Oriente
6-Panico em SP

Also released in 1986 was the debut of Brazil's first (and only) all female punk band, MercenáriasCadê as Armas? will be our third selection of the evening.

Track List
1-Me Perco
6-Amor Inimigo
7-Loucos Sentimentos
9-Alem Acima
10-Santa Igreja

We will round out the show by playing one of my favorite albums from one of my favorite bands:Ira! 

We will enjoy the entire third album Psicoacústica from 1988. Hightly panned at the time of its release, it is now ranked by Rolling Stone as the 81st greatest Brazilian Album of all time!

Track List
1-Rubro Zorro
2-Manhas de Domingo
3-Poder, Sorriso, Fama
4-Receita Pra Fazer Um Heroi
5-Pegue Essa Arma
6-Farto de Rock n/ Roll
7-Advogado do Diabo
8-Mesmo Distante

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