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Bem Brasil #54: Four albums + Three Decades + Two Hours = One Great Show!

On This Sunday's Bem Brasil Radio, your host will try to outdo himself and break his previous record of three albums in two hours by cramming four full albums in his two-hour time slot! Our cup runneth over!

This week's selections represent some of the cream of Brazilian music with four amazing albums that span three decades. Four (actually, eight) different artists, with four of them hailing  from the great state of Bahia. Coincidence? Don't bet on it!

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Our musical romp begins with the album Polemica,From 1956. Originally released as two four-track 8-inch records, it was rearranged and combined into a single LP when the technology finally caught up. These recordings were the product of a friendly three-year long musical competition between the seminal samba songwriter Noel Rosa and the then unknown rising star Wilson Batista. like other musical rivalries in history, this one forced each man to take his craft to new heights. Francisco Egydio sings Rosa's songs, while Batista's songs are interpreted by Roberto Paiva.

Track List/Author:

1- Lenço No Pescoco (Wilson Batista)
2- Rapaz Folgado (Noel Rosa)
3 -Mocinho De Vila (Wilson Batista)
4 -Palpite Infeliz (Noel Rosa)
5 -Frankenstein Da Vila (Wilson Batista)
6 -Feitiço Da Vila (Noel Rosa)
7 -Conversa Fiada (Wilson Batista)
8 -João Ninguém (Noel Rosa)
9 -Terra De Cego (Wilson Batista)

From Samba, we will move to Bossa Nova for our second selection, which will be no other than Joao Gilberto's debut album Chega de Saudade from 1959! Often credited as the first Bossa Nova Album, it is considered one of the 100 best Brazilian albums in history by Rolling Stone Magazine! 

Track List:

1 - Chega de Saudade

2 - Lobo Bobo
3 - Brigas Nunca Mais
4 - Ho-Ba-La-La
5 - Saudade Fez um Samba
6 - Maria Ninguem 
7 - Desafinado 
8 - Rosa Morena 
9 - Morena boca de Ouro 
10 - Bim Bom 
11 - Aos Pes Da Cruz 
12 - E Luxo So 

 For our third selection, we will stay with the good folk from Bahia to hear another auspicious debut, this time from Maria Bethania whose first album could be considered a synthesis of the two albums above.. Released in 1965, in this album we hear some of her brother Caetano Veloso's earliest compositions, as well as songs from Noel Rosa, Carlos Lyra and Dorival Caymmi, (the latter two having songs covered by Gilberto).

Track List:
1 - De Manhã
2 - Só Eu Sei
3 - Pombo Correio
4 - No Carnaval
5 - Nunca Mais 
6 - Sol Negro (Guest: Gal Costa)
7 - Missa Agrária
8 - Anda Luzia
9 - Feitio De Oração
10 - Feiticeira
11 - O X Do Problema
12 - Mora Na Filosofia

Finally, we close the show with seminal rocker Raul Seixas' second album Sociedade da Grã-Ordem Kavernista Apresenta Sessão das 10. (1971)  an avant-garde album featuring Seixas, singer Sergio Sampaio, samba artist Miriam Batucada and Edy Star. The record's mix of Tropicalia, Zappa-era rock and roll and anarchic surrealistic experiments launched Raul Seixas as an icon of Brazilian counterculture. 

Track List: 

1 - Êta Vida
2 - Sessão da 10
3 - Eu Vou Botar Pra Ferver
4 - Eu Acho Graça'
5 - Chorinho Inconsequente
6 - Quero Ir
7 - Soul Tabarôa
8 - Todo Mundo Está Feliz
9 - Aos Trancos e Barrancos
10 - Eu Não Quero Dizer Nada
11 - Dr. Paxeco
12 -Finale (vinheta)

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