Wednesday, June 5, 2013

YouTube Pick of the Week #4: Na Levada do Choro - Full Documentary (English Subtitles)

When people think of Brazilian Music, they tend to think of either Bossa Nova or Samba. Rarely do they think of a musical genre which not only combines the harmonic sophistication of the former with the rhythmic sophistication of the latter, but could also be considered their predecessor and originator: Choro.

To my mind, Brazilian Choro can be compared in many ways to Dixieland, but played primarily with string instruments (although brass and woodwinds are also used). The mood of the music is, for the most part, lively and relies heavily on modulations, intertwining voices and instrumental virtuosity.

Although it originated in the 19th Century, Choro is still very much alive an in vogue. This documentary features interviews with many old veterans, as well as new voices who are keeping the music alive. (Note, the subtitles don't seem to appear when this program is watched on an iPad. They do appear on a desktop computer)>

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