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Bem Brasil Radio (BBR) (Music) with Will Crawford 05/28/2017 12:30PM to 03:00PM

Bem Brasil Radio (BBR) (Music) with Will Crawford 05/28/2017 12:30PM to 03:00PM

12:25PM-12:28PM (2:52) Belchior "Na Hora Do Almoco" from "2 É demais, Vol. 2" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil (Brazil)
12:28PM-12:32PM (4:18) Belchior "Apenas um Rapaz Latino Americano" from "Alucinação" (CD, Private, 1976) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)
12:32PM-12:36PM (4:13) Elis Regina "Velha Roupa Colorida" from "Falso Brilhante" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)
12:36PM-12:41PM (4:22) Elis Regina "Como nossos pais" from "Fascinacao - O Melhor de Elis Regina" (CD, Private, 1989) on Verve (USA)
12:41PM-12:44PM (3:00) Engenheiros do Hawaii "Alucinacao" from "Minuano" (CD, Private) on BMG (Brazil)
12:44PM-12:47PM (3:00) Belchior, Larbanois & Carrero "No Lleve Flores" from "Eldorado" (CD, Private) on MoviePlay (Brazil)
12:47PM-12:51PM (3:56) Ednardo "A Palo Seco" from "Maxximum: Ednardo" (CD, Private) on Columbia (UK)
12:51PM-12:54PM (3:00) Roberto Carlos "Mucuripe" from "Roberto Carlos" (CD, Private) on Columbia (UK)
12:54PM-12:57PM (3:00) Ednardo Amelinha e Belchior "Medo de Aviao" from "Pessoal do Ceara" (CD, Private) on Warner (USA)
12:57PM-01:00PM (3:42) Elba Ramalho "Paralelas" from "Baioque" (CD, Private) on rca records label (USA)
01:00PM-01:03PM (3:00) Raimundo Fagner "Romanza" from "Oros" (CD) on Columbia (UK)
01:03PM-01:08PM (4:40) Sergio Mendes "Senhoras do Amazonas" from "Brasileiro" (CD, Private) on Rhino/Elektra (USA)
01:08PM-01:11PM (3:31) Jair Rodrigues "Galos, Noites e Quintais" from "A Arte de Jair Rodrigues" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)
01:11PM-01:14PM (3:00) Amelinha "Gemedeira" from "Porta Secreta" (CD, Private) on Best
01:14PM-01:17PM (2:42) Ney Matogrosso "Tem Gente Com Fome" from "Seu Tipo" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil (Brazil)
01:17PM-01:20PM (3:00) Ná Ozetti "Chama" from "Na Ozetti" (CD, Private) on Warner Bros (Brazil)
01:20PM-01:23PM (3:00) Raul Seixas "Eu Tambem Vou Reclamar" from "A Arte de Raul Seixas" (CD, Private) on Polygram (Brazil)
01:23PM-01:26PM (3:00) Fagner e Chico Buarque "Paroara" from "Fagner Entre Amigos" (CD, Private) on Sony (us)
01:26PM-01:29PM (3:09) Taiguara "amanda" from "Nova Bis: Taiguara" on emi (Brazil)
01:29PM-01:33PM (3:28) Luiz Melodia "Misterio do Planeta" from "Pintando o Sete" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)
01:33PM-01:35PM (2:16) iRa "Jorge Maravilha" from "Isso É Amor" (CD, Private) on Deckdisc (Brazil)
01:35PM-01:38PM (3:00) Hermeto Pascoal "bebe" from "The Free Music of Hermeto Paschoal" (CD, Private) on Verve (USA)
01:38PM-01:42PM (3:39) Oswaldinho Do Acordeon "Asa Branca Blues" from "Asa Branca Blues" (CD, Private) on Kuarup Music (Brazil)
01:42PM-01:45PM (3:00) Sivuca "Riacho Seco" from "Crazy Groove" (CD, Private) on Editions Milan Music
01:45PM-01:49PM (4:02) Moacir Santos "Coisa Nº 4" from "Coisas" (CD, Private) on Universal (UK)
01:49PM-01:52PM (3:00) Pixinguinha "Gargalhada" from "Som Pixinguinha" on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
01:52PM-01:57PM (5:27) Cesar Camargo Mariano "Litoral" from "São Paulo - Brasil" (CD) on rca records label (USA)
01:57PM-02:00PM (3:00) Os Ipanemas "CANTO PARA OXUM" from "Call of The Gods" (CD, Private) on Far Out Recordings
02:00PM-02:03PM (3:00) Egberto Gismonti "Janela de Ouro" from "Sonho 70" (CD, Private) on Universal (UK)
02:03PM-02:06PM (2:51) Paulo Moura "O Ebrio" from "Pilantrocracia" (CD, Private) on Atração Fonográfica
02:06PM-02:09PM (3:00) Milton Nascimento "Catavento" from "Travessia" (CD, Single, Private, 1968) on Columbia (UK)
02:09PM-02:12PM (3:00) Mauricio Maestro "Tango brasileiro" from "Upside Down (feat. Naná Vasconcelos)" (CD, Private) on Far Out Recordings
02:12PM-02:16PM (3:49) Abilio Manoel & Rosa Rebelo "Pena Verde" from "Selecao de Ouro" (CD, Private) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
02:16PM-02:19PM (3:03) Os Mutantes "Ando Meio Desligado" from "Everything Is Possible! The Best of Os Mutantes" (CD, Album, Private, 1999) on Luaka Bop (USA)
02:19PM-02:24PM (5:08) Tim Maia "Bom Senso" from "World Psychedelic Classics 4: Nobody Can Live Forever - The Existential Soul of Tim Maia" (CD, Private, 2012) on Luaka Bop (USA)

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