Saturday, March 25, 2017

Toastin' Jam (Music) with Will Crawford 03/15/2017 03:00PM to 05:00PM

Toastin' Jam (Music) with Will Crawford 03/15/2017 03:00PM to 05:00PM

02:54PM-02:58PM (3:46) Cesaria Evora "Petit pays" from "Cesaria" (CD, World, 1995) on Lusafrica
02:58PM-03:01PM (3:00) Desi Arnaz "Babalu" from "The Best of Desi Arnaz The Mambo King" (CD, Private) on rca records label (USA)
03:01PM-03:06PM (5:21) Jeff Narell "Blue wave" from "Voyage to Paradise" (CD, Private) on Lost Tribe Records
03:06PM-03:10PM (4:10) Andrea Bocelli "con te partiro" from "Romanza" (CD, Private) on Universal Music (UK)
03:10PM-03:13PM (3:09) Ferde Grofé & Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra "Mississippi Suite: Father of the Waters" from "Ferde Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite / Mississippi Suite" (CD, Private) on Naxos (Canada)
03:13PM-03:18PM (5:00) Professor Longhair "Hey Now Baby" from "Mardi Gras In Baton Rouge" (CD, Album)
03:18PM-03:21PM (3:00) Robert Mitchum "Not Me" from "Calypso Is Like So…" (CD, Private, 2010) on Classic Music International (USA)
03:21PM-03:27PM (6:09) Cheikh Lo "Boul Di Tagale" from "Né La Thiass" (CD, Album, Private, 1996) on World Circuit (UK)
03:27PM-03:30PM (3:00) Steve Khan "Let's call this" from "Let's Call This..." (CD, Private) on Bluemoon
03:30PM-03:33PM (3:00) Ennio Morricone "On Earth as it is in Heaven" from "Original Soundtrack from the film "The Mission"" (CD, Private, 1986) on Virgin (UK)
03:33PM-03:36PM (3:00) A World of Music "O’sole mio" from "Songs from Italy" (CD, Private) on Eclipse Music group
03:36PM-03:39PM (3:00) Mighty Spoiler "Bedbug" from "Unspoilt" (CD, Private) on Ice records
03:39PM-03:42PM (3:00) The Har You Percussion Group "Welcome to the party" from "Afro Cuban Grooves #3" (CD, Single, Private) on Radio Nova (France)
03:42PM-03:46PM (4:00) Jesus Alemany's Cubanismo "Descarga de Hoy" from "Cuba Si" (CD, Single, Private) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (USA)
03:46PM-03:49PM (2:54) Roaring Lion "Miss Tina" from "Calypso Island Greats of the 1930s" (CD, Private, 2010) on Master Classics Records
03:49PM-03:52PM (2:56) Everything But The Girl "My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains" from "Like the Deserts Miss the Rain" (CD, Comp, Private) on Virgin Records (UK)
03:52PM-03:55PM (3:00) Patrick Prescod "Samba by the Sea" from "Pan is Magic Vol 1" (CD, Private) on
03:55PM-03:58PM (3:00) H Hafiz Kani Karaka "Baqara Surah II 1-5" from "The Music of Islam" (CD, Private) on Celestial Harmonies (Germany)
03:58PM-04:09PM (10:19) Faramarz Payvar Ensemble "Dastgah shur" from "Iran: Persian Classical Music" (CD, Private) on Nonesuch (USA)
04:09PM-04:12PM (3:54) Kayhan Kalhor & M.R. Shajarian "Silence of the night" from "Night Silence Desert" on Traditional Crossroads
04:12PM-04:15PM (3:00) Baron "Last Lap" from "Calypsoga Hits '95" (CD, Private) on JW Records (USA)
04:15PM-04:18PM (3:00) David Bowie "Space Oddity" from "Sound + Vision I" (CD, Comp, Private) on Ryko/Rhino (USA)
04:18PM-04:24PM (5:05) Scott Bradley "Cell Bound" from "Tex Avery (Music from the Original Soundtracks)" (CD, Private) on Milan Music

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