Saturday, March 25, 2017

First BBR of 2017! (Pardon our Dust!) 01/01/17!

Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 01/01/2017 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:03PM-03:06PM (3:00) Hermeto Pascoal "Zurich" from "So Nao Toca Quem Nao Quer" (CD, Private) on Som da Gente (Brazil)
03:06PM-03:09PM (3:00) Manfredo Fest "Hermeto" from "Jungle Cat" (CD) on dmp (USA)
03:09PM-03:12PM (3:00) Tulio Mourao "Beco das Sanfonas" from "Jazz Mineiro" (CD, Private) on Caju Music (Brazil)
03:12PM-03:16PM (3:09) Pedro Santos "Sem Sombra" from "Krishnanda" (CD, Private) on Mr Bongo
03:16PM-03:20PM (4:15) Leila Pinheiro "Vai Passar" from "Bencao - O Melhor de Leila Pinheiro" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)
03:20PM-03:26PM (6:24) Marina Lima "Mesmo Que Seja Eu" from "Identidade - Marina" (CD, Private) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:26PM-03:29PM (3:00) Emílio Santiago "Assim Caminha a Humanidade" from "Emilio Santiago" (CD, Private) on Som Livre (Brazil)
03:29PM-03:32PM (3:00) Sandra de Sá "Slogan" from "Sandra!" (CD, Private) on BMG (Brazil)
03:32PM-03:38PM (5:21) Filo Machado "Bolero das Paixões (feat. Bia Mestriner & Michel Freidenson)" from "Milagre da Cancao" (CD, Private) on Filó Machado [dist. Tratore]
03:38PM-03:41PM (3:14) Luiz Melodia "Um Toque" from "Felino" (CD, Private) on Polydor (USA)
03:41PM-03:44PM (3:00) Ivo Meirelles "Samba Ponte Aerea" from "Samba Soul" (CD, Private) on Universal (UK)
03:44PM-03:47PM (3:29) Os Paralamas do Sucesso "Meu erro" from "O Passo do Lui" (CD) on emi (Brazil)
03:47PM-03:50PM (3:08) Kid Abelha "Eu Tive um Sonho" from "Iê Iê Iê Iê" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil (Brazil)
03:50PM-03:55PM (4:18) Legião Urbana "Indios" from "Dois" (CD, Private, 1986) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:55PM-03:59PM (3:51) Capital Inicial "Fantasmas" from "Independencia" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)
03:59PM-04:02PM (3:00) Lulu Santos "Um Pro Outro" from "Ultimo Romantico" (CD, Private) on Warner Bros (Brazil)
04:02PM-04:05PM (3:45) Ira! "Tarde Vazia" from "Ira!" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil (Brazil)
04:05PM-04:08PM (3:07) Reginaldo Rossi "Tente Esquecer o Que Passou" from "Brasil Popular: Reginaldo Rossi" (CD, Private) on Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK)
04:08PM-04:11PM (3:00) Erasmo Carlos "Vem Quente Que Estou Fervendo" from "Raridades" (CD, Private) on Universal (UK)
04:11PM-04:14PM (2:22) Titas "Pavimentação" from "Televisão" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil (Brazil)
04:14PM-04:17PM (3:00) Raul Seixas "Let Me Sing, Let Me Sing" from "Série Grandes Nomes" (CD, Private) on Mercury (USA)
04:17PM-04:20PM (2:43) Wanderléa "Te amo" from "Wanderlea" (CD, Private) on Columbia (USA)
04:20PM-04:23PM (3:00) Golden Boys "Medley: Alguem Na Multidao, Ai de Mim (All of Me), Magoa (Heartaches), Pensando Nela (Bus Stop)" from "O Sonho Nao Acabou" on Sony Music Entertainment (USA)
04:23PM-04:29PM (6:22) Gilberto Gil "O Canto da Ema" from "Expresso 2222" (CD, Private, 1972) on Universal Import
04:29PM-04:32PM (3:00) Jorge Ben "Taj Mahal" from "Africa Brasil" (CD, Single, Private, 1976) on Philips (Brazil)

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