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Brother Bruno (Music) with Will Crawford 03/20/2017 12:00PM to 03:00PM

Brother Bruno (Music) with Will Crawford 03/20/2017 12:00PM to 03:00PM

12:05PM-12:08PM (2:27) Chuck Berry "Back in the Usa" from "80 Evergreen Songs (Top Hits from 1950 to 1960)" (CD, Private, 1959) on Chess (USA)
12:08PM-12:11PM (3:00) Bo Diddley "Who Do You Love ?" from "Chess Box" (CD, Private) on Chess (USA)
12:11PM-12:14PM (3:00) Jerry Lee Lewis "Crazy Arms" from "The Sunn Records Collection" (CD, Private) on BMG (Brazil)
12:14PM-12:16PM (2:17) Connie Francis "Who's sorry now?" from "Gold" (CD, Private) on Universal Records
12:16PM-12:19PM (3:08) Bernice Edwards "Butcher Shop Blues" from "Blues from the Vocalion Vaults" (Private) on One Day Music (UK)
12:19PM-12:21PM (1:49) Wynonie Harris "Destination Love" from "Wynonie Harris" on X5 Music Group
12:21PM-12:23PM (2:16) Buddy Holly & The Crickets "That'll be the Day" from "Big Hits & Highlights of 1957, Vol. 1" (CD, Private) on Blue Orchid Music
12:23PM-12:26PM (2:07) The Million Dollar Quartet "Down by the riverside" from "Million Dollar Quartet (Original Broadway Cast Recording)" (CD, Private) on Caroline Records
12:26PM-12:29PM (3:00) Carl Perkins "Blue suede shoes" from "blue suede shoes" (CD, Single, Private)
12:29PM-12:31PM (2:57) Four Freshman "it's a Blue World" from "Blue World" (CD, Private) on El Records
12:31PM-12:34PM (2:48) The Flamingos "I'll be home" from "50 of the 50's, Vol. 2" on Sibhc Records
12:34PM-12:37PM (3:00) Mel Tormé "Whatever Lola wants" from "Mel Torme's Finest Hour" (CD, Private) on Verve (UK)
12:37PM-12:40PM (2:29) The Shells "Baby, oh Baby" from "The Dubs Meet The Shells" (CD, Private) on Rhino (USA)
12:40PM-12:43PM (3:00) Roy Orbison "Claudette" from "Sun Records Collection" (CD, Private) on Rhino (USA)
12:43PM-12:45PM (2:30) Danny & The Juniors "At the Hop" from "At the Hop - Single" (CD, Private) on JB Production
12:45PM-12:47PM (2:08) The Zombies "This will be our year" from "Odessey and Oracle" (CD, Album, Private, 1968) on Marquis Enterprises Ltd
12:47PM-12:51PM (3:37) THE BEACH BOYS "Good Vibrations (Mono)" from "Smiley Smile (Mono & Stereo)" (CD, Private, 1967) on CAPITOL CATALOG MKT (C92)
12:51PM-12:54PM (2:50) Diana Ross & The Supremes "The Happening" from "Motown: The Very Best of the 60's" (CD, Private) on Motown (USA)
12:54PM-12:56PM (2:26) Little Apple Band ""Woody Woodpecker Song" Woody Woodpecker Show" from "Disco Duck - Children's Disco Collection" (CD, Private) on Tinsel Town Records
12:56PM-12:59PM (3:00) Arnaldo Baptista "Everybody Thinks I'm Crazy" from "Let It Bed" (CD, Private) on Arnaldo Baptista
12:59PM-01:02PM (3:00) The Mothers of Invention "How Could I Be Such a Fool?" from "Cruising With Ruben & The Jets" (CD, Album, Private, 1987) on Rykodisc (USA)
01:02PM-01:05PM (3:00) Television's Greatest Hits Band "The Jetsons" from "Television's Greatest Hits" (CD, Album, Private) on TVT Records
01:05PM-01:08PM (2:23) The Big Bopper "Chantilly Lace (1958)" from "The Very Best Music from the Soundtrack of American Graffiti" (CD, Private) on Red Bitch Music
01:08PM-01:13PM (5:07) The Film Band "Superman -Theme From Superman" from "Peliculas De Cine Vol.8" (CD, Private) on Open Records
01:13PM-01:16PM (3:00) The Rutles "love life" from "The Rutles" (CD, Album, Private, 1978) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (USA)
01:16PM-01:17PM (1:36) Television's Greatest Hits Band "Gilligan's Island" from "Television's Greatest Hits - Classic Sitcoms - EP" (CD, Private) on Oglio (US)
01:17PM-01:20PM (2:40) Harry Secombe "Funiculi funicula" from "The Best of Secombe" (CD, Private) on Sunday Club Records
01:20PM-01:23PM (3:00) Chuck Berry "Too Pooped to Pop" from "all time hits" on Up Front
01:23PM-01:24PM (1:26) Television's Greatest Hits Band "Flipper" from "Flipper - Single" (CD, Private) on Oglio (US)
01:24PM-01:27PM (3:00) Small Faces "Shake" from "Small Faces" (CD, Private) on Polygram (UK)
01:27PM-01:30PM (2:20) The Yardbirds "Honey In Your Hips" from "London 1963: The First Recordings!" (CD, Private) on L+R Records
01:30PM-01:33PM (3:25) The Who "Our Love Was" from "The Who Sell Out" (CD, Comp, Private, 1967) on Track Records (UK)
01:33PM-01:38PM (4:48) David Bowie "Wild-eyed boy from Freecloud" from "Sound + Vision" (CD, Comp, Private) on Ryko (USA)
01:38PM-01:40PM (2:15) The Beatles "wait" from "Rubber Soul" (CD, Album, Private, 1965) on Capitol Records (USA)
01:40PM-01:43PM (2:28) The Doors "Break on Through (To the Other Side)" from "The Doors" (CD, Album, Private, 1967) on Rhino/Elektra (USA)
01:43PM-01:46PM (3:00) Jimi Hendrix "Third Stone from the Sun" from "Are You Experienced" (CD, Album, Private, 1967) on Reprise (USA)
01:46PM-01:49PM (3:35) Brazilian Octopus "Gamboa" from "Brazilian Octopus" (CD, Private) on Som Livre (Brazil)
01:49PM-01:52PM (3:03) Os Mutantes "Ando Meio Desligado" from "Everything Is Possible! The Best of Os Mutantes" (CD, Album, Private, 1999) on Luaka Bop (USA)
01:52PM-01:57PM (4:58) Vitor Assis Brasil "Plexus" from "Trajeto" (CD, Private) on (Brazil)
01:57PM-02:01PM (3:28) Luiz Melodia "Misterio do Planeta" from "Pintando o Sete" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)
02:01PM-02:06PM (4:44) Gal Costa "Vaca Profana" from "Profana" (CD, Private) on rca records label (USA)
02:06PM-02:10PM (4:36) Leandro Braga "Not a Chance (O Morro Não Tem Vez)" from "E Por Que Não? (And Why Not?)" (CD, Private, 2006) on Arabesque Recordings
02:10PM-02:13PM (3:00) Lulu Santos "Tempos Modernos" from "Ultimo Romantico" (CD, Private) on Warner Bros (Brazil)
02:13PM-02:16PM (3:00) Rita Lee "Agora So Falta Voce" from "The Greatest Hits" (CD, Private) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
02:16PM-02:19PM (3:00) Celso Blues Boy "Sempre Brilhará" from "Novo Millennium" (CD, Private) on Mercury Records (USA)
02:19PM-02:22PM (3:00) Angela Ro Ro "Hot Dog" from "Colecao Obras Primas" (CD, Private) on Polygram (UK)
02:22PM-02:26PM (3:27) Ultraje a Rigor "Zoraide" from "2 é Demais" (CD, Private) on WM Brazil (Brazil)
02:26PM-02:29PM (3:00) Caetano Veloso e Gilberto Gil "Nossa Gente" from "Tropicalia 2" (CD, Private) on Polygram (UK)
02:29PM-02:32PM (3:00) Paulinho da Viola "Coracao Leviano" from "A Música de Paulinho da Viola, Vol. 1" (CD, Private) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
02:32PM-02:35PM (3:00) Capital do Sol "Frevo Mulher" from "A Cara Do Forró" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda. (Brazil)

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