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Off-the record BBR! Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 06/11/2015 03:00PM to 05:00PM

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Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 06/11/2015 03:00PM to 05:00PM

01:56PM-02:00PM (4:37) Os Mutantes "Qualquer Bobagem" from "Mutantes" (LP, 1969) on Polydor (Japan)
02:00PM-02:03PM (3:00) O Terço "Luz de Vela" from "Casa Encantada" (CD) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
02:03PM-02:07PM (3:23) Gal Costa "Tuareg" from "Gal Costa" (CD, 1968) on Philips (brasil)
02:07PM-02:10PM (3:00) Casa Das Máquinas "Londres" from "Perolas" (CD, Rock) on Som Livre (Brazil)
02:10PM-02:13PM (3:54) Secos & Molhados "Flores Astrais" from "Warner 30 Anos: Secos and Molhados" (CD) on WM Brazil
02:13PM-02:16PM (3:00) Bacamarte "Miragem" from "Depois do Fim" (CD) on Rarity
02:16PM-02:19PM (3:00) Caetano Veloso "Tropicalia" from "The Best of Caetano Veloso" (CD, Album, World, 2003) on Nonesuch (USA)
02:19PM-02:22PM (3:00) Ira! "Casa de Papel" from "Vivendo e nao Aprendendo" (CD) on WEA (Japan)
02:22PM-02:26PM (3:15) Titas "Bichos Escrotos" from "Cabeça Dinossauro" (CD, Rock) on WM Brazil
02:26PM-02:31PM (5:09) Chico Science & Nação Zumbi "Monólogo Ao Pé do Ouvido (Vinheta) / Banditismo por Uma Questão de Classe [Vinheta]" from "Da Lama Ao Caos" (CD) on Chaos
02:31PM-02:34PM (3:31) Capital Inicial "Musica Urbana" from "Capital Inicial" (CD, Rock) on Universal Music International Ltda.
02:34PM-02:37PM (3:00) Olho Seco "Botas Fuzis Capacetes" from "Botas Fuzis Capacetes" (CD) on Gravacoes Sem Qualidade (Brazil)
02:37PM-02:40PM (3:00) Celso Blues Boy "Sempre Brilhará" from "Novo Millennium" (CD) on Mercury Records (Brasil)
02:40PM-02:43PM (3:00) Barão Vermelho "Beijos de Arame Farpado" from "Na Calada da Noite" (CD) on WEA (Japan)
02:43PM-02:46PM (3:00) The Men They Couldn't Hang "Billy Morgan" from "The Domino Club" on Silvertone (uk)
02:46PM-02:52PM (5:09) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "The Mercy Seat" from "The best of..." (Rock) on Mute (UK)
02:52PM-03:02PM (10:38) Television "Marquee Moon" from "Marquee Moon" (LP, Album, Rock, 1977) on Elektra (USA)
03:02PM-03:05PM (3:00) Brian Eno "Backwater" from "Before and After Science" (LP, Single, Rock, 1977) on Island Records (UK)
03:05PM-03:08PM (3:00) Chad & Jeremy "Busman's Holiday" from "Of Cabbages and Kings" (CD)
03:08PM-03:11PM (2:48) The Smiths "Work Is a Four-Letter Word" from "Just Say Yes" on Warner Bros. (USA)
03:11PM-03:16PM (5:26) The Housemartins "Flag Day" from "London 0 Hull 4" (CD, Private, 1986) on Rhino/Elektra (USA)
03:16PM-03:20PM (4:05) The Icicle Works "Evangeline" from "If You Want to Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song" on Beggars Banquet (UK)
03:20PM-03:23PM (3:00) Marillion "Incommunicado" from "Clutching At Straws" (Rock) on Capitol (USA)
03:23PM-03:26PM (2:08) The Rutles "Hold my hand" from "The Rutles" (CD, Album, Rock, 1978) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (USA)
03:26PM-03:29PM (3:01) Badfinger "no Matter What" from "No Dice (Remastered)" (CD, Album, Private, 2010) on EMI UK (Europe)
03:29PM-03:31PM (2:09) THE BEACH BOYS "Vegetables" from "Smiley Smile" (LP, Album, Rock, 1967) on Capitol Records (USA)

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