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BBR#169: Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 02/21/2016 03:00PM to 05:00PM

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Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 02/21/2016 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:01PM-03:04PM (3:00) Ira! "Longe de tudo" from "Mudanca de Comportamento" (CD) on WEA (Japan)
03:04PM-03:08PM (4:01) Legião Urbana "Daniel na Cova dos Leoes" from "Dois" (CD, Private, 1986) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:08PM-03:11PM (3:47) Biquini Cavadão "Timidez" from "Cidade Em Torrente" (CD, Private) on Universal Music International Ltda.
03:11PM-03:15PM (3:33) Cazuza "O Nossó Amor a Gente Inventa (Estória Romântica)" from "Só Se for a Dois" (CD, World) on Mercury (Brasil)
03:15PM-03:18PM (3:00) Lobao "Da Natureza dos Lobos" from "Vida Bandida" (CD, Private) on Braziloid
03:18PM-03:21PM (3:00) Capital Inicial "Cavalheiros" from "Capital Inicial" (CD, Rock) on Universal Music International Ltda.
03:21PM-03:24PM (3:00) Engenheiros do Hawaii "A Cidade Em Chamas" from "Ouca o Que Digo Nao Ouca Ninguem" (CD, Album) on BMG (Brazil)
03:24PM-03:27PM (3:17) 14 Bis "Perdido em Abbey Road" from "Nova Bis: 14 Bis" (CD, Private, 2005) on emi (USA)
03:27PM-03:31PM (3:28) Ney Matogrosso "Bandido Corazon" from "A Arte de Ney Matogrosso" (CD) on Universal Music International Ltda.
03:31PM-03:34PM (3:00) Os Mutantes "El justiciero" from "Jardim Elétrico" (CD, Private, 1971) on Polydor (Japan)
03:34PM-03:37PM (3:00) Raul Seixas "Cambalache" from "Serie Bis" (CD)
03:37PM-03:39PM (2:33) Golden Boys "Quero voltar pra bahia" from "Fumace" (CD, 1970) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:39PM-03:44PM (4:20) Gal Costa "Divino Maravilhoso" from "Gal Costa" (CD, 1968) on Philips (brasil)
03:44PM-03:47PM (3:00) MPB-4 "Passaredo" from "Sitio do Picapau Amarelo" (CD) on Som Livre (Brazil)
03:47PM-03:50PM (3:00) Marinês e Sua Gente "O Meu Cariri" from "As Nais Tocantes de Marines" (CD)
03:50PM-03:53PM (3:00) Hermeto Pascoal "Asa Branca" from "The Free Music of Hermeto Paschoal" (CD, Private) on Verve (USA)
03:53PM-03:58PM (5:11) Leandro Braga "My Little One (Minha Pequena)" from "E Por Que Não? (And Why Not?)" (CD, Private, 2006) on Arabesque Recordings
03:58PM-04:01PM (3:00) Raphael Rabello "Camara" from "Cry, My Guitar" (CD, Private, 2005) on GSP (USA)
04:01PM-04:09PM (8:19) Jose Roberto Bertrami "Bye Bye Brazil" from "Blue Wave / Dreams Are Real" (CD, Jazz) on Milestone
04:09PM-04:12PM (3:00) Caçulinha "Beatriz" from "Caculinha Vol 2" on RGE (Brazil)
04:12PM-04:15PM (3:00) Ulisses Rocha "Agua de Beber" from "Moleque" (CD, 1998) on Malandro
04:15PM-04:18PM (3:00) João Bosco "Bate um Balaio" from "Afrocanto" (CD) on Tropical Music (Germany)
04:18PM-04:21PM (3:00) Ana Carolina "O Rio" from "Ana Carolina" (CD) on BMG (Brazil)
04:21PM-04:24PM (3:00) MPB-4 "Paula e Bebeto" from "Melhores Momentos" (CD, Private) on CID (Brazil)
04:24PM-04:27PM (3:00) Doces Barbaros "Chuck Berry Fields Forever" from "Doces Barbaros" (CD, 1976) on Universal Import
04:27PM-04:30PM (3:00) Boca Livre "Quem Tem a Viola" from "SongBoca" (CD, Private) on Caravelas (Brazil)
04:30PM-04:33PM (3:00) Taruma "Historias de Cada Canto" from "Historias de Cada Canto" (CD) on Disc Shop (Brazl)
04:33PM-04:36PM (3:00) Luiz Eca e Sagrada Familia "Sa Marina" from "La Nueva Onda Del Brasil" (CD) on Vamp Soul


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