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BBR #141 Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 07/12/2015 03:00PM to 05:00PM

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Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 07/12/2015 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:04PM-03:07PM (3:00) Vinicius Cantuaria "Ludo Real" from "Sol na cara" (CD) on Hannibal Records
03:07PM-03:10PM (3:00) Paulinho Da Costa "Happy People" from "Happy People" (CD) on Pablo
03:10PM-03:15PM (4:25) Leo Gandelman "Western World (Ocidente)" from "Western World (Ocidente)" (CD, Jazz) on Verve (USA)
03:15PM-03:20PM (5:09) João Castilho "1342" from "equilibrium" (CD, Jazz) on Br 12 Music
03:20PM-03:23PM (3:00) Marcos Valle "Selva de Pedra" from "Jet Samba" (CD) on Planet Rhythm
03:23PM-03:26PM (3:12) Dadi "Bem Aqui" from "Bem Aqui" (CD) on Sunnyside
03:26PM-03:29PM (3:00) Marcos Valle "Jet Samba" from "Jet Samba" (CD) on Planet Rhythm
03:29PM-03:32PM (3:00) Angela Ro Ro "Escandalo" from "Personalidade" (CD) on Polydor (Japan)
03:32PM-03:35PM (3:00) Belchior "Paralelas" from "Apenas Um Rapaz Latino Americano" (CD) on Continental (Brazil)
03:35PM-03:40PM (4:28) Elis Regina "O Trem Azul (The Blue Train)" from "Vento de Maio (May Wind)" (CD) on Hemisphere
03:40PM-03:43PM (3:00) Raul Ellwanger "Guri de America" from "La Cuca del Hombre" (CD) on ANS Records
03:43PM-03:46PM (3:32) Sivuca "Adeus Maria Fulo" from "Selecao De Ouro" (CD, Comp, Other, 1998) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:46PM-03:48PM (2:01) Nando Cordel "De Volta pro Aconchego" from "Grandes Sucessos" (CD) on rca records label (USA)
03:48PM-03:51PM (3:00) Renato Russo "That's No Way To Say Goodbye" from "O Ultimo Solo" (CD) on EMI Brazil (Brazil)
03:51PM-03:55PM (4:05) Os Paralamas do Sucesso "Uns Dias" from "Bora Bora" (CD, Rock) on emi (USA)
03:55PM-03:58PM (3:00) Moraes Moreira "Sintonia" from "20 Super Sucessos" (CD) on polydisc (brazil)
03:58PM-04:02PM (3:17) Sadao Watanabe "MADE IN CORACAO" from "ELIS" (CD) on Elektra (USA)
04:02PM-04:05PM (3:00) Luiz Avellar Nico Assumpcao Kiko Freitas "Creek (Arroio)" from "Tocando Victor Assis Brasil" (CD) on Furnas (brazil)
04:05PM-04:08PM (3:00) Jose Roberto Bertrami "Sheds and Weeds (Barracos e Arbustos)" from "Blue Wave / Dreams Are Real" (CD, Jazz) on Milestone
04:08PM-04:11PM (3:00) Bocato "Ingenuo" from "Tributo a Pixinguinha" (CD) on Mix House (Brazil)
04:11PM-04:14PM (3:00) Hermeto Pascoal "Carinhoso" from "The Free Music of Hermeto Paschoal" (CD, Private) on Verve (USA)
04:14PM-04:19PM (5:11) Henrique Cazes, Fernando Moura & Beto Cazes "Yao" from "Eletro Pixinguinha XXI" (CD) on Rob Digital
04:19PM-04:24PM (5:22) Paulo Moura e Os Batutas "Mistura e Manda (Ao Vivo)" from "Pixinguinha" (CD) on Rob Digital
04:24PM-04:27PM (3:00) Baden Powell "Rosa" from "Seresta Brasileira" (CD) on Caju Music (Brazil)

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