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BBR #134: Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 05/24/2015 03:00PM to 05:00PM

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Bem Brasil Radio (Music) with Will Crawford 05/24/2015 03:00PM to 05:00PM

03:04PM-03:07PM (3:00) Eumir Deodato "September 13" from "Prelude" (CD, Private, 1972) on Epic Records
03:07PM-03:10PM (3:00) Rosinha de Valenca "Arapomga" from "Rosinha de Valenca" (CD) on Som Livre (Brazil)
03:10PM-03:13PM (3:00) Hermeto Pascoal "O Galo de Airan" from "Festa dos Deuses" on PolGram (Brazil)
03:13PM-03:18PM (5:06) Orquestra Tabajara "Dora" from "Brasil 500 Anos" (CD) on CID (Brazil)
03:18PM-03:21PM (3:00) Guinga "Nem Cais Nem Barco" from "Simples e Absurdo" on Velas (Brazil)
03:21PM-03:24PM (3:00) Caetano Veloso "Tigresa" from "Bicho" on Polygram (Brazil)
03:24PM-03:27PM (3:00) Nelson Angelo "Radio Universe Pedal" from "Catarete" (CD, Private) on Adventure Music
03:27PM-03:30PM (3:00) Geraldo Azevedo & Elba Ramalho "Nosotros/ Nosotras" from "Luz do Solo" (1979) on Sony BMG Music Entertainment
03:30PM-03:33PM (3:00) Emmanuel Marinho "Mitiko San" from "Tere" on Elo Music
03:33PM-03:37PM (4:26) Airto "Parana" from "Samba De Flora" on Montuno Records
03:37PM-03:40PM (3:00) Cesar Mariano & Cia "Metropole" from "Sao Paulo.Brasil" on BMG/RCA (Brazil)
03:40PM-03:47PM (6:37) Novos Baianos "Preta Pretinha" from "Acabou Chorare" (CD, Private) on Som Livre (Brazil)
03:47PM-03:52PM (5:09) Paulo Sergio Santos "Naquele tempo" from "Segura Ele" (CD, Private) on Kuarup Music
03:52PM-03:55PM (3:00) Radames Gnattali Sexteto "Divertimento Para Seis Instrumentos" from "Radames Gnattali Sexteto"
03:55PM-03:58PM (3:00) Cama de Gato "Arpoador" from "Danca da Lua" on Line records (Brazil)
03:58PM-04:01PM (3:00) Olmir Stocker (Alemao) "Suite do Indio" from "Alemao Bem Brasileiro" on Som da Gente (Brazil)

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