Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's Finally Here! BBR #100! Three Albums in Two Hours and More!

Well, here it is, finally, our 100th Show! To celebrate, your host will share with you three - count 'em - THREE of his favorite albums of all time, two of which are extremely rare, straight from Will's record collection!

We'll start with the best known album of the three, the great Tropicália: ou Panis et Circencisa 1968 collaboration album by artists including Gilberto GilCaetano Veloso,Tom ZéOs Mutantes and Gal Costa. Considered an important record in the history of Brazilian music, it features arrangements by Rogerio Duprat and lyrical contributions from Torquato NetoIt is considered to be the manifesto of the Tropicalismo movement and is number 2 on Rolling Stone's list of 100 greatest Brazilian albums of all time.

Track List:

1.Miserere nóbis
2.Coração materno
3.Panis et circencis
5.Parque industrial
6.Geléia geral
8. Três caravelas (Las Tres Carabelas)
9. Enquanto seu lobo não vem
10. Mamãe, coragem
11. Bat macumba
12. Hino ao Senhor do Bonfim

Next, we will hear the long out-of print self-titled debut album of the highly esteemed Grupo Medusa.  Active for only a short period of time in the early 1980's this group is a direct descendant of the legendary Quarteto Novo, not only through its music, which could be considered an evolution of the style, but also through the presence of the great Quarteto Novo member Heraldo do Monte in its lineup!

For more info on this group, check out the Grupo Medusa Facebook Page

Track List:

1. Baiana
2. Zeby
3. Caminhos
4. Medusa)
5. Pé no Chão
6. Asa Delta
7. Uma Viagem
8. Ponto de Fusão

Our last full album will be the extremely rare Patíbulo, the second LP by Singer/Songwriter/Author Rogério Do Maranhão. Released in 1980 through a small independent label, its awful cover can hardly hint at the beauty of the music contained therein.  

Track List:

1. Patíbulo
2. Acauã, Ave Agoureira
3. Alcãntara
4. Sacoã
5. Girasol De Prata
6. Sinhá Madona
7. Filosofia, Paixão Ou Problema De Berço
8. Urubuê
9. Canto Primeiro

10. Canto Livre


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