Sunday, January 12, 2014

Three Albums in Two Hours! A Brand New Bem Brasil Airs 1/12/14 in Studio 1A!

On today’s Bem Brasil with Will Crawford, we’ll give you real value for  money by playing three – count them- three full albums, plus a bonus single! We will start with João Donato‘s 1970′s record  “A Bad Donato” , whichcondenses funk, psychedelia, soul music, Afro-Cuban sounds and jazz fusion. A groovy, poisoned-sound dancing album, it is highly wired with  experimentalism and is considered one of the 100 best albums of all time by the Rolling Stone magazine.

Track List:

1 The Frog
2 Celestial Showers
3 Bambu
4 Lunar Tune
5 Cade Jodel? (The Beautiful One)
6 Debutante's Ball
7 Straight Jacket
8  Mosquito (Fly)
9 Almas Irmãs
10 Malandro

Next, we will hear the lost masterpiece Vida E Obra de Johnny McCartney from Leno. This record, slated to be released in 1971 was suppressed and did not see the light of day until 1995, and you’ll hear the entire album here!

Track List:

01 Vida e Obra de Johnny McCartney, 

02 Por Que Não, 
03 Lady Baby, 
04 Sentado no Arco Iris, 
05 Pobre Rei, 
06 Sr. Imposto de Renda, 
07 Peguei uma Apollo, 
08 Não há Lei em Grilo City, 
09 Convite para Angela, 
10 Deixe o Tempo me Levar, 
11 Contatos Urbanos, 
12 Bis, 
13 Instrumental.

Then, we will enjoy the amazing talents of singer Olivia Byington.  A praised and awarded Brazilian singer, we will enjoy her debut album which featured the great band A Barca do Sol, which featured musicians who would become famous providing support for other major Brazilian Artists.

Track List:

01. Fantasma da Ópera
02. Lady Jane
03. Corra o Risco
04. Jardim de Infância
05. Banda dos Corações Solitários
06. Cavalo Marinho
07. Lobo do Mar
08. Água e Vinho
09. Brilho da Noite
10. Minha Pena Minha Dor
11. Luz do Tango

Whether you tune into Studio 1A live on Sunday 6-8 PM PST or download our podcast (heck, why not do both?), this is a show you will not want to miss!

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