Saturday, July 13, 2013

BBC: Brasil Brasil - Episódio 02 - Revolução Tropicalia (2007)

Here is The second part of  a very inforormative documentary produced by The BBC. Covering cultural, economic and historic aspects of Brazilian culture. 

While the first part (covered in pick of the week #5) traced the origins of Brazilian music back to the 19th century and covered some of the major figures, cultural and political, that contributed to make Brazilian music an international phenomenon,this episode picks up where the other one left off, discussing the various cultural phenomena that shaped Brazil in the 60's, including the popularization of Television as a medium of mass communication, and the introduction of the electric guitar into Brazilian music.  As the title suggests, this episode covers the Torpicalia movement very thoroughly, including some very interesting old footage of Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso during their exile in London during the years of military dictatorship, which lasted from 1964 until 1985. Artists covered include  Elis Regina ,   Milton Nascimento,  Tom ZéSérgio Mendes,  Jorge Ben JorOs Mutantes, and Peléwho, although featured in this documentary, is in this writer's opinion, as worthy of note in songwriting as Darryl Strawberry was in baseball. In addition, the show also covers the return of Gil and Caetano to brazil and the introduction of reggae into Brazilian culture, featuring footage of Gil with Jimmy Cliff, as well as some footage of Bob Marley playing soccer with Chico Buarque.

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