Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bem Brasil #51: Celebrating 100 years of Luiz Gonzaga. (Again!)

Wow, it’s the end of June already! The year is really flying by! It’s Festa Junina time in Brazil and it’s up to us here at Bem Brasil to observe the event here on FCC Free Radio! As we usually do in the last show of the month, this program will be produced and broadcast entirely in Portuguese! E’ isso ai, cumpadi!
Last week, we celebrated our 50th show by rebroadcasting three albums from three lost shows. Well, we’re doing it again! In the spirit of the occasion, we’ll be focusing onLuiz Gonzaga.  Also known as the "king of baião" and "Gonzagão". A talented accordionist and singer he is considered to be responsible for the promotion of northeastern music throughout Brazil.
In the variety hour, we’ll hear great tunes composed and performed by musicians from northeastern Brazil, like Zé RamalhoAlceu ValençaGeraldo AzevedoGonzaguinha and too many more to list here. Whether you tune in live or download our podcast (heck, why not do both?), this is a show you will not want to miss!

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Show list:

Hour #1: Luiz Gonzaga Special

1-Samarica Parteira
2- O Fole Roncou
3- Cantarino
4- Baia de São Sebastião
5- A Mulher de Meu Patrão
6-Sangue de Nordestino
7- Aquarela Nordestina
8- Uma Pra mim, Uma Pra Tú
9- A Rede Véia
10 - Pra Não Morrer de Tristeza
11 - Bia No Frevo
12 - Menino do Braçanã
13 - Me Afubelo
14 - Bom?.. Pra uns...
15 - Xamego
16 - O ABC do Sertao
17 - Asa Branca

Hour #2: Variety

1- Qui Nem Jiló - Gal Costa
2- Forrozeiro Apaixonado - Dominguinhos
3 - Vaqueirada - Beth Carvalho
4 - Forró Veneno - Trio Forrozao
5 - Caminhos - Raul Seixas
6 - Xote dos Poetas - Ze Ramalho, Feat. Raimundo Fagner
7 - Mucuripe - Amelinha
8 - Lamento Sertanejo - Gilberto Gil
9 - No Balanço da Canoa - Alceu Valenca
10 - O Quereres - Fafa de Belėm
11 - Mote e Glosa - Belchior
12 - Mulher Rendeira - Cida Moreira
13 - Coroné Antônio Bento  - Tim Maia
14 - Ilumina - Maria Bethania
15 - Frevo em Maceio' - Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo
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