Friday, June 21, 2013

Bem Brasil #50: Three Albums in Two Hours! (Airs 06/23!)

Wow, 50 shows already? The weeks just flew by! As the show's producer and presenter, I have to say I have enjoyed every minute so far. Unfortunately, this feeling is somewhat diminished by the knowledge that some show files were lost. So, to celebrate this somewhat auspicious occasion (to me, anyway), I've decided to replay three great but very different albums that were featured in earlier shows that were lost, starting with show #17, which featured Di Melo' s one and only album, released in 1975 (Rare and out of print!), which included cameos from Hermeto Pascoal and Heraldo do Monte

Song List:

1- Kiilario
2- A Vida Em Seus Metodos Diz Calma
3-  Aceito Tudo
4 - Conformopolis
5 - Ma-lida
6- Sementes
7- Pernalonga
8- Minha Estrela
9- Se O Mundo Acabasse Em Mel
10- Alma Gemea
11- Joao
12- Indecisao

Originally aired on our 22nd show, our second selection will be an encore presentation of Caetano Veloso's 1968 album. One of the first Tropicália efforts, this album is one of the earliest experiments in fusion between  Brazilian popular music and psychedelic rock.  

Song List:

2- Clarice
3-No Dia Em Que Eu Vim-Me Embora
4- Alegria, Alegria
5- Onde Andaras
8- Paisagem Util
9-Clara (With Gal Costa)
10- Soy Loco Por Ti, America
11- Ave Maria
12- Eles

Finally, we will once again play our featured album from show#25, which was the last show of 2012. Being the last show of the year, this selection was picked with some care. It is none other than the second album by the Brazilian musical group Novos BaianosAcabou Chorare., released in 1972. Adopting the expressive guitar of Jimi Hendrix, the "brasilidade" of Assis Valente, and the strong influence of João Gilberto, who also served as a mentor of the group at the time of recording the album, the group produced an album that shows a great versatility of musical genres. In 2007, in the "The 100 Greatest Albums of Brazilian Music" by Rolling StoneAcabou Chorare came at the first position, being considered a masterpiece by specialists, producers and journalists called for the pool.Whether you tune in live or download our podcast (heck, why not do both?), this is a show you will not want to miss!

acabouchorareSong List: 

1-Brasil pandeiro
2- Preta pretinha
3- Tinindo Trincando
4- Tinindo Trincando
4- Swing de Campo Grande
5- Acabou Chorare
6- Misterio do Planeta
7- A Menina Danca
8- Besta e Tu
9- Um Bilhete Pra Didi
10- Preta Pretinha

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