Tuesday, May 14, 2013

YouTube Pick of the Week #1 - Night Music, Featuring Milton Nascimento and James Taylor with Naná Vasconcelos

As the host of a weekly radio show, I am always on the lookout for new material, even though I have a very extensive music collection. Fortunately, I have found that YouTube is an amazing resource and a great way to supplement my own repertoire.

Of course, not everything I find on YouTube is suitable for radio, and so I've decided to share some of those things on this blog so that it'll be more than just a repository of old shows. 

So here it is, my first pick of the week: an episode of the short-lived Night Music show, co-hosted by David Sanborn and Jools Holland, featuring performances from Milton Nascimento with Naná Naná Vasconcelos and James Taylor . It's an interesting meeting of talents, as the backup band features Marcus Miller on Bass, Omar Hakim on Drums, Hiram Bullock on Guitar, and Don Grolnick and Philippe Saisse on Piano/Keyboards. Milton sings four songs and backs James Taylor on one song. Naná Vasconcelos accompanies them all, Except JT on Roadrunner. This is probably the funkiest tune I've ever heard James Taylor sing and sure enough, the man is not funky at all. No surprise there. The real gem for me is the Nascimento-Vasconcelos duet on San Vicente. Fittingly, it's the last performance of the set.

 The Song List is below with the time of the footage in case you'd prefer to skip to it:

3'08"  - Only a Dream In Rio -James Taylor
8'39 - Cravo e Canela - Milton Nascimento
12'42" - Vendedor de Sonhos - Milton Nascimento w/ James Taylor
19'54" Road Runner - James Taylor
29'28" Canções e Momentos - Milton Nascimento
36'07" San Vicente - Milton Nascimento
42'29" - I Cover The Waterfront  - Vintage Louis Armstrong footage

The gentleman in red pictured above is comedian Kevin Meaney. As an aspiring comic myself, I have studied his act (he's done this same set on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I don't know what Johnny thought of his act, but at one point, he hid under his desk! Look it up on YouTube if you feel like seeing it) There are also some well intended humorous skits here and there. I'll leave it up to you to decide how funny they actually are. 

Milton Nascimento was featured on our third show. Check it out at http://bembrasilradio.blogspot.com/2013/04/show-3-featuring-milton-nascimento.html



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