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Bem Brasil #41: It's Will's Birthday!!! Originally Aired 04/21/2013

bbwwcfb14 300x225 PROMO1On this Bem Brasil With Will Crawford,  your dear host  parachuted in for two hours, taking a break from the revelry of his birthday celebration. Not to worry, though: After doing 40 Shows, your host was completely ready to kick ass and call in the birthday privilege of playing whatever the hell he wanted, only more so. 

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Maybe I was feeling nostalgic, but the first selection of the day was the soundtrack of a Brazilian TV Show called Sítio do Picapau Amarelo, with stories based on characters created by famed Brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato. While I forgot the stories long ago, the music has stayed with me for over thirty years, and something with that kind off staying power is worth sharing.
The cover of this album looks innocuous but the record inside contains some of the most incredible music a 7 year old could be exposed to anywhere. Starting with the program theme written and sung by Gilberto Gil (which I guess helps explain why I play so much of his music on this show), the record goes on to feature compositions by Ivan LinsCaetano VelosoSérgio RicardoJoão BoscoChico Buarque and Dorival Caymmi, among others. Besides the vocal tracks, some of the incidental music from the show is also included. There's also a second volume, so we may feature more music from this program in a future show.

Track List: 
1 -Sitio do Picapau Amarelo - Gilberto Gil
2 -Narizinho - Lucinha Lins
3 - Ploct, Pluct, Nhoc (Jaboticaba) - Papo de Anjo
4 - Peixe - Doces Barbaros
5 - Saci - Papo de Anjo
6 - Visconde - Joao Bosco
7- Dona Benta - Jose Luis
8 - Pedrinho  - Aquarius
9 - Arraial dos Tucanos - Ronaldo Mata
10 - Tia Nastacia - Dorival Caymmi
11 - Passaredo - MPB-4
12 - Emilia - Sergio Ricardo
13 - Tio Barnabe - Marlui Miranda & Jards Macale

The second record I played featured my favorite band when I was 15. The band is Ira! and the album was their second full-length LP, Vivendo e Não Aprendendo (1986). I don't listen to it as often as I used to, but still love the record and it was definitely worth spinning on this low key show.

Track List
1 - Envelheco Na Cidade
2 - Casa de Papel
3 - Dias de Luta
4 - Tanto Quanto Eu
5 - Vitrine Viva
6 - Flores em Voce
7 -15 Anos (Vivendo e Não Aprendendo) 
8 - Nas Ruas
9 - Gritos na Multidao (Live)
10 Pobre Paulista (Live)

In my opinion, the band reached a creative peak of sorts with their third album Psicoacustica, which I still own on vinyl. Still, this is overall their strongest effort. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 2007

The last full-length LP we played is one I hadn't heard about until very recently. It is Pedro Santos (aka Pedro Sorongo's) 1968 LP Khrishnanda. Mostly instrumental, it contains some of the most amazing grooves ever committed to vinyl. Long out of print, it has recently been re-released. My source was not the best, but it is worth hearing and I hope you enjoy it.

1. Ritual Negro
2. Água Viva
3. Um Só
4. Sem Sombra
5. Savana
6. Advertência
7. Quem Sou Eu ?
8. Flor De Lotus
9. Dentro Da Selva
10. Desengano Da Visita
11. Dual
12. Aranbindu

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