Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lost Show #5: Bem Brasil #25: Celebrating 40 Years of Acabou Chorare. Original Air Date 12/30/2012

It was the last show of 2012 and, to end the year on a high note, we played an unquestionable masterpiece that we saved just for the occasion, namely, a classic album by the Brazilian musical group Novos Baianos. The album was  Acabou Chorare

Adopting the expressive guitar of Jimi Hendrix and the "brasilidade" of Assis Valente, and mainly the strong influence of João Gilberto, who also served as a mentor of the group at the time of recording the album, the group produced an album that shows a great versatility of musical genres. 

In 2007, in the "The 100 Greatest Albums of Brazilian Music" by Rolling Stone,  Acabou Chorare came at the first position, being considered a masterpiece by specialists, producers and journalists.

In the first hour of this very special Bem Brasil with Will Crawford, we let our hair down (Again, but all in Portuguese, as we usually do at the end of every month) and rocked out with some of Brazil’s best artists and bands, including Marisa Monte, TitãsBarão VermelhoBiquini Cavadão, Boca Livre, Secos e Molhados, Kid Abelha, Marina, Engenheiros do HawaiiIra!Capital Inicial and many more!

Like the previous three shows, this file was also lost. Like the album from show#17, This album was replayed in its entirety on show #50.

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Program List:

Hour#1: Variety

1 - Como Vovo Ja Dizia- Raul Seixas
2 - Sangue Latino - Secos e Molhados
3 - Beija Eu - Marisa Monte
4 - Gotham City
5 - Irene Caetano Veloso
6 - Ainda e Cedo - Marina
7 - Fabrica - Legiao Urbana
8 - Maior Abandonado - Barao Vermelho
9 - A Revolta dos Dandis 1 - Engenheiros do Hawaii
10 - Danca Tonta - Biquini Cavadao
11 - Ficcao Cientifica - Capital Inicial
12 - Nada Tanto Assim - Kid Abelha e Os Aboboras Sevagens
13 - Quinze Anos (Vivendo e Nao Aprendendo) - Ira!

Hour #2 - Novos Baianos' Acabou Chorare

1- Brasil Pandeiro
2 - Preta Pretinha
3 - Tinindo Trincando
4 - Swing de Campo Grande
5- Acabou Chorare
6- Misterio do Planeta
7 - A Menina Danca
8 - Besta e Tu
9 Um Bilhete pra Didi
10 - Preta Pretinha 

Additional tracks played to round out the hour:

11 - Sonifera Ilha - Moraes Moreira
12 - One Note Samba - Moraes Moreira

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